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Weaning for Infants

Weaning onto solid foods is a critical nutritional and physiological stage in an infant’s life. This is the time for most babies to start exploring the wide world of solid food. Most parents have lots of questions about this important developmental stage.

When to start:

For most babies, the ideal time to begin weaning is from 6 months. Parental discretion is important for waning but remembers, the introduction of solids is not recommended for babies under 4 months due to nutritional and developmental reasons.

How to start:

Top dieticians in Delhi say that patience is important as this is a new experience for your baby; choose a time when baby is not too hungry. Start with small spoonfuls of soft, mushy pastes made from fruits, vegetables or meats.  Top nutritionists in Delhi advise not to add sweeteners and seasoning. Don’t forces anything if they are rejected; just wait a few weeks, than try again.  Introduce the spoon to your baby’s mouth gradually so that he or she can suck the food from it. Regular small meals are advised. As the weaning process advances, child will need snacks between meals and these should include curd, fruit or bread.

Tips for successful weaning:

  • Limit high salt foods (read the labels) and don’t add salt to their food during cooking or at the table.
  • Try to eat together as a family as often as possible. Create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Never force feed or insist your child eats everything off their plate. Let them judge their appetite.
  • Always stay with your baby when he or she is eating.
  • Most importantly – ENJOY and watch your babies love for food develops.

What are the ideal weaning foods:

Here comes the roll of a nutritionist/dietician. She is the one who can suggest you ideal options for your baby. A dietician can assess nutritional requirements of your baby and she can suggest what to give and how much to give. Even she will also tell the innovative ways to incorporate all the essential nutrients in our babies’ food in an interesting and tasty manner.

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