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PCOD Dietitian Delhi

PCOD is Polycystic Ovarian Disorder in which there is a imbalance of female sex hormones. It is a very common medical concern with females these days. It is largely a lifestyle related disorder and is many times accompanied with Obesity, high BP, diabetes, high cholesterol etc. The most troubling symptom of PCOD is Weight gain and trouble losing weight.

PCOD is more common in metro cities like Delhi where lifestyle and eating habits are most adversely affected. The occurrence of PCOD in a female calls for a need to consult a qualified dietitian in Delhi. The Dietitian not only helps you to lose weight but gives you the right diet and foods that helps in balancing of hormones. Fad diets or starvation diets are never the right diets to follow when one has PCOD. You need to eat very healthy and nutritious foods to lose weight.

We are the team of qualified dietitian at Nlite Diet Studio and this is how we recommend diet guidelines to our clients to manage PCOD:

1. Avoid processed, packaged and ready to eat foods.

2. A balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, milk, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds fish, lean meat and whole cereals should be consumed daily.

3. Aim for high fiber intake throughout the day. A high fiber diet will include 3-4 servings of vegetables, fruits, whole grains like dalia, oats, Whole wheat flour etc.

4. Eat proteins that are also rich in fiber and low in fats. Eat legumes & beans like rajmah, Black chana, chick peas, soybeans etc.

5. Avoid refined carbohydrates completely like white bread, white rice, noodles, pasta, white sugar, refined flour and its products like burgers, sugars, candies, sweets, cakes, pastries, chocolates etc.

6. Limit the use of table salt.

7. Choose healthy fats like nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, olive oil, mustard oil and canola oil.

Following the above guidelines will help you manage your diet and PCOD. Dietitian at Nlite Diet Studio will give you the best diet for PCOD. You will eat healthy, get relived from symptoms that occur in PCOD and help you lose that extra weight that put on due to the hormonal imbalance.

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